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Finding Affordable Pregnancy Insurance & Maternity Coverage

Pregnancy is both an exciting and overwhelming time for expecting mothers and fathers. Until Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act made it illegal for insurance companies to deny pregnant women health coverage, many pregnant families could not obtain private medical insurance to cover their pregnancy. With the new laws however, starting in 2014, all women will be able to obtain pregnancy insurance, whether they're already pregnant or not. Many insurance companies are already switching over their policies for the transition and we can help you locate a health insurance policy that includes maternity insurance even if you're currently pregnant. Simply enter your zip code above so a pregnancy insurance specialist in your area can help you find a policy to fit your needs.

What Exactly Is Pregnancy Insurance?

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your future infant, is make sure your medical costs are covered during your 9 months. A pregnancy insurance policy not only covers an expecting mothers health, it also covers the baby's health as well. It's not necessarily a stand-alone policy, maternity insurance is usually a supplemental coverage for your pregnancy that is added to a current or new health insurance policy. With the new laws, even pregnant women can obtain insurance, but it's usually better and more affordable to obtain pregnancy insurance before you start trying to get pregnant. It will cover all of your medical bills during the course of your pregnancy. Prenatal treatments, physician visits, your time in the hospital, and any costs from the baby or complications with your term are all covered.

Pregnancy Insurance is a health insurance policy that for nine months before birth, covers the medical costs of the unborn baby and the expecting mother. It is sometimes also called maternity insurance, but they're both essentially the same thing. Most women choose to obtain private medical insurance for their pregnancy, but the policies vary quite a bit, and it makes sense to comparison shop to find the most affordable coverage to fit you. There are also government programs, disability, and Medicaid that will help pregnant women with health bills, but it changes from state to state. Their health coverage tends to be pretty basic so if you can afford private pregnancy insurance, it's beneficial to obtain some free quotes. We can help with that.

What is The Cost of Healthcare without Pregnancy Insurance?

Maternity health insurance or supplemental private health pregnancy insurance is important. Bills you accrue during your pregnancy should be paid by your maternity coverage. The average medical costs during a pregnancy is around $10,000, but bills exceeding well over $20,000 is not uncommon. Without insurance or some form of disability, pregnancy costs can turn what's supposed to be a wonderful time and experience for a family, into a financial nightmare. Family's can protect themselves from catastrophic pregnancy costs by obtaining private medical insurance with maternity coverage.

Make sure you can focus most of your time on your health and baby! You don't want to be worried about finances or mounting medical bills at a time that's supposed to be one of the most exciting points of your life! Let us take care of the worry and search our database of providers so we can help you obtain an affordable pregnancy insurance policy.

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